You bloody idiot.

Everything is a chemical.

Every breath you take is a chemical.

Everything you eat is a chemical.

Everything you touch is a chemical.

All of your shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, clothes, food, you, everything is a chemical.

But is it natural?

What, like poo? Poo is natural. Do you want poo in your shampoo? Of course not. Bloody idiot.


But my shampoo is 99% chemical free!

No it isn't. That makes no sense at all. If it was 99% chemical free it would have to be 99% nothing.

(Even if it was 99% chemical free, the other 1% could be anthrax and you'd be dead. Anthrax is "all natural", by the way.)


"Chemical free" is nonsense

Stop being stupid. Stop being fooled by the people in the marketing department.

Learn something.

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